Team SpinningStickers

Alex Gunnarsson
[email protected]

Magnus Magnestrand
Design & Development
[email protected]

Filip Sjöö
Product Visualization
[email protected]

Niklas Isaksson
Chairman of the board
[email protected]

Amanda Gunnarsson

Kenny Lundin

Martin Kanedal
Production is part of Rapid Print Group Sweden AB (559204-6089).
The company was founded 2019 in Sweden by a group of driven individuals. We are currently eight people working to design and produce unique, cutting edge decals for motorcycles. With over 10 years of experience when it comes to decals and graphic design, we assure you that our predominant goal is to produce and offer a unique solution to enhance the looks of your bike significantly! We take full responsibility for our products and should you not be 100% satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our core philosophy is to always treat the customer the way we'd want to be treated. With respect, a desire to solve any and every problem to the best of our abilities and to always put your needs and wants first. Without you, we cannot and should not exist.